Sooooo 2020 - She’s not playing nice!

I think we can all say with almost 100% certainty that NONE of us thought 2020 would turn out like this! Well, here we are, 6 months in and this crazy train keeps taking more and more dips, turns, flips and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit!

Obviously, my business, like so many others, has been hit very hard this year. March was the last time I worked. The last time I had a client in front of my camera. And boy do I miss it! I had several weddings, dozens of family, reunions and graduations scheduled. This was shaping up to be a HUGE year for me! I was thrilled and a little nervous, but mostly super excited to take on the busiest season yet.

Well, that didn’t happen!

We all know what the last few months have been like and no need to rehash the deets, right? This year has sapped up most of our streangth, zapped us with a level of anxiety we can’t hardly manage at times and robbed us of so many moments and events. I’ve lost loved ones in death this year, and haven’t been able to even hug my mother and grieve together. I’ve missed the birth of my newest nephew and my newest niece. I missed getting to see my brother for his yearly trip home. And, dog-gone-it, I miss my FRIENDS! Besides all the changes in my business, this year has been rough personally - as it has been for countless others.

But, do you want to know a little secret? Something really, really good has come out of all of this! No, not the cancellations and rescheduling nightmares - no, that part was pretty awful!

Something else, something has changed in my outlook. My priorities. And, although it may come as a bit of a shock to some of my clients and faithful followers, to be honest, I’m a bit shocked by it myself.

Just one quick scan of my website and you can see my greatest love is wedding photography. Love stories - OH HOW I LOVE A GOOD LOVE STORY! I’m a girly girl and love all those frilly details, mushy tales of romance and girl! Give me ALL THE FLOWERS!!

Initially, when all, (I mean every last one), of my sessions, events and weddings for the entire year of 2020 got cancelled in March, I was pretty depressed. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with myself and I felt lost. It was such a huge hit, right to my heart. You see, as an artist, I am constantly doubting myself. I doubt my abilities. I doubt my work. I doubt my likability. I doubt everything! I never feel like I am good enough, never feel like I can keep up with this industry. There are so many talented photographers, why in the world would anyone pick me?! So when everyone cancelled, not rescheduled, not postponed, they all canceled, I felt so incredibly discouraged! (I know! I know! It was corona that made them do it!) Doesn’t matter why, it was devastating.

So, after I mopped up my poor me feelings and put my big girl pants on, I decided to take this opportunity and run with it!

Did I take new photography classes? Did I learn new techniques? Did I push the envelope and branch out into new editing territory? Did I scour the internet for webinars and online resource for the cutting edge photography equipment and trends? Did I take the time to modernize my brand? Did I freshen up my website?


I put my camera in the closet. I walked away.

Instead, I worked in the yard, I unpacked the rest of our moving boxes, (mostly), I organized the pantry, I played in the mud with my son, I painted, I cooked, I cleaned, I homeschooled like never before, I ironed (yeah, I don’t know why I did that one!), and I focused on my husbands business and I dove deeper and deeper into my faith and study of God’s word.

I firmly believe this was the best way to handle this year we call 2020, for me at least. I have learned a lot over the last few months, a lot about myself, my faith, my family and my business.

So, on to that little secret....... I am not going to book any weddings for the foreseeable future.

Wait! What did I just say?!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I did just say it. No more weddings for me. I may take on an occasional family wedding, or a small, small event for a previous client. But, that will be very rare.

I will continue with family, graduation and maternity sessions. Priority in booking will be given to previous SHP clients. And I will limit how many I take to only a couple per month.

So, you may be wondering, why? Because, I simply feel that I need to refocus on family and faith. I love this business and would gladly second shoot or assist at weddings, but to spend hours preparing for weddings, hours photographing and even more hours upon hours editing, delivering and maintaining galleries and orders is just not in my heart anymore.

I have loved all these weekends home with my family - without having to schedule that in between events and sessions. I love that I am not spending hours every week editing and culling and organzing and ordering - I love that my time is spent with my growing son and my hubby. I love that I am not rushing to plan, to design and to figure out my next big shoot.

I realized my first love of photography began with a simple black and white photo of a snow covered antique chair in my moms backyard. How simple was that? Just me, a camera and a moment. I want that back. So, I am taking it back!

I plan on picking the camera up again soon.

When I do, I will be sharing some new work on here. I have some beautiful things to show, and I hope you will all love them. No, they won’t be weddings. But, now, my work is exciting again, it’s going back to my first true love of photography.

So stick around, maybe you will like what you see. And please, drop me a line, send me a note, text, call, email.... whatever! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Until then, stay safe and be well!

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