A City Engagement - I loved every busy minute of it!

Busy streets, towering buildings, crowds of people on the cramped sidewalks, and the buzz of city life – that’s what we had in store for us throughout Harrison and Caitlin’s vibrant engagement a few weeks ago. For me, this is a little out of my 'ordinary'. I typically do engagement sessions up on The Rim, or out in the woods here in the Northern Arizona mountains.

We hit the bustling streets of Scottsdale, Arizona and I am so excited that we were able to use the amazing Old Town area as a backdrop, along with the amazing Scottsdale Civic Center! Although, it was a VERY busy day, as they were having a HUGE festival that we were completely unaware of until we arrived. But, it ended up so dreamy and fun! We even took advantage of the gorgeous light of a parking garage. 

I think the image above is my absolute favorite from the day! Just look at that chemistry! These two are going to be so much fun to photograph on their wedding day in April! Can’t wait!

 Coming down from the mountains to shoot this very special engagement session was such a treat for me. I am so used to woods and canyons and complete privacy during an engagement session. This was refreshing and exciting for me. I know Harrison and Caitlin were a little nervous about the crowds of people, but just look at how they turned out! It was worth it! Besides, from the looks of it, once we started they seemed to forget everyone else around them and only focused on each other. Aaaawwww!

These two were full of energy, and I love that they wore two completely different outfits. That really added to the variety of their shots. Just look at the soft colors and how they really pull you in! It was the perfect complement to the colorful, electric city backgrounds we were working with throughout the shoot.

With the art, sculptures, fountains, streets and all around uniqueness in this session I think I'm hooked on city engagements now!

Just look at the love between them - and they are just getting started!

This young couple is very special to me (he's my cousin!)

and I am so honored to be a part of their wedding day. I cannot wait to see all the amazing and wonderful things they will accomplish together for decades to come! 


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